Rws 30 R Blaser Evo Green 8,8G 20pk

49 kr



Rws 30 R Blaser Evo Green 8,8G 20pkBoth cores of the new lead-free EVOLUTION GREEN bullet are made of food-safe metal. The new lead-free EVOLUTION GREEN bullet is especially effective given its outstanding responsiveness. This is achieved through a specially pre-fragmented front core made of tin and the use of RWS’ new Speed Tip bullet points which enable an impressive shock effect. This will guarantee humane and successful hunting.Even at long ranges, the EVOLUTION GREEN offers impressive killing effect. With conventional designs, there is a tangible decrease in deformation capability at long distances. Not so with EVO GREEN. Here, this effect is noticeably reduced thanks to the intelligent design of the projectile.An optimised bullet form (high BC) and the speed tip ensure a flat trajectory with high levels of speed and energy.The stable tail body ensures a guaranteed exit wound for reliable blood flow. The sharp edge also delivers the desired clean cut.lead-free bulletrealiable and fast responsivenessSpeed-Tip bullet point for maximum knock-down power and a flat trajectorySharp edge for cutting hair at point of impacthumane and successful hunting


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