Swim Whizz Modell 6 30gr 15cm 91

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Swim Whizz Modell 6 30gr 15cm 91The Homer LeBlanc Original Swim Whizz quickly gained popularity among musky anglers when it came on the market back in 1956 for the simple reason that it caught fish. Lots of fish. It’s still a go-to fish-catcher, today, benefiting from new, modern construction techniques, state-of-the-art color patterns and a three-step finish that holds up to toothy fish after toothy fish. While many companies have tried to copy Homer Leblanc’s design, none catches fish as well as the original—and none are made to last as long as today’s Swim Whizz. Because it became so popular among musky anglers, the Swim Whizz got branded as a musky lure—but the same wobbling, darting action that triggers muskies triggers all predator fish, from largemouth bass to saltwater stripers. Current versions include a 4-, 6- and 8-inch straight lures, as well as an 8-inch jointed version. The two larger sizes feature two depth settings to pinpoint your presentation and are available in Slow Sink versions.Swim Whizzes Saltwater Series, features the same design and action that triggers big freshwater fish, but with different colors and hardware updated to withstand the rigorous demands of the saltwater environment. The Original Swim Whizz is manufactured in Michigan, using components 100-percent made in the USA.


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Swim Whizz


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